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Dale-Fowkes-SuitAfter 35 years in the alternative health care industry, I developed a unique antioxidant product based on vitamin E.  Actually not just any vitamin E, these are vitamin E compounds not commonly available in consumer healthcare products.

After introducing and using the product myself, I spent the first two months blogging about the unique aspects of these vitamin E compounds and how this formula is unlike any other commercially available product.

Then one morning while getting ready for a busy day I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, my skin looks great!”  It looks healthy and feels smoother.

Based on my research, I know that vitamin E is crucial for skin protection, but I never realized how rapid and noticeable the effect would be.

What might really surprise you is this is a dietary supplement, not a topical skin care product.

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned that vitamin E as found in nature is a group of eight compounds each with unique benefits and each distributed to tissues in a preferential manner.  As it turns out, the skin prefers the vitamin E compounds that are not found in 99% of dietary supplements.  It is also very difficult to get enough of these vitamin E compounds even in the best diet.

This is why I noticed such a rapid change in my skin health using VitaE8.    VitaE8 Supplies what the skin needs and what most diets are missing. Give it a try and see what you’ve been missing.


To your health,

Dale Fowkes


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