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A Warning About Glycols


I would like to share a personal experience about glycols and how hidden ingredients can impact our health.

I recently attended an international trade show focused on dietary supplement ingredients. There were signs everywhere that read TPGS, E-TPGS, TPGS-1000 to promote the hottest new vitamin E ingredient.

The T stands for Tocopherol which is vitamin E. The P stands for Polyethylene which is the type of plastic many vitamin bottles are made from. The G stands for Glycol– an organic compound belonging to the alcohol family that is used as an antifreeze and emulsifier. The S stands for succinate or succinic acid which is commonly used to create stable vitamin E compounds. The number, if present, represents the molecular weight of the glycol. As it turns out, the higher the molecular weight, the more people can tolerate this ingredient.

I was first introduced to the dangers of glycols about 10 years ago when the manufacturer of my deodorant/antiperspirant stick switched to this new hi-tech ingredient. My underarms were on fire for several days before I realized the culprit. Over the last 5 years, I have discovered that these glycols are added to many foods and supplements, usually without a labeling requirement. They are commonly used as ingredients in “natural” flavorings that are added to all kinds of products labeled simply as “natural flavors.”

Based on my external reaction to the glycols, I can only imagine what eating this stuff might do. Although I go out of my way to avoid these, I am sure small amounts are still in my diet due to labeling law loopholes. It makes me wonder how many people have health issues as a result of glycols without any knowledge of the cause.

To your health,

Dale Fowkes

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  1. dfowkes January 1, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    Thank you for posting the information on glycols.


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