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What is Typical Vitamin E?


Typical Vitamin E is based on scientific research that dates back some 70 years. In 1944 the International Unit (IU) for vitamin E potency was established and it remains unchanged, despite the changes in modern scientific technologies. Even more alarming is this test measures female rat fertility which may have little to do with human health.

Of the 8 naturally occurring vitamin E molecules mother nature has provided us, only one measures high in international units (iu). This has lead to the belief that only one form of vitamin E is needed for human health. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Most vitamin E supplements on the market today contain only one of the eight vitamin E molecules. The handful of supplements that do contain all eight vitamin E isomers, have a completely unnatural ratio. In other words, these vitamin E supplements are not what Mother Nature intended, nor could ever provide.

“Most vitamin E supplements on the market today do not contain all eight molecules needed for vitamin E to function properly.”

Although the science will continue to advance, it appears the most important of the group, gamma tocopherol, is the one most likely not found in your vitamin supplement.  Even if present, the amount of “commercial” vitamin E will keep this vitamin E isomer from functioning properly.

There is a natural balance between the vitamin E isomers that exist in nature and this balance is important for human health. Research documents a natural competition between the vitamin E isomers and enhanced intake of one will limit the availability and functionality of the others.

This is very important information because we are just starting to discover the unique actions of the different vitamin E isomers. We now know that gamma tocopherol provides unique antioxidant protection against one of the most damaging oxidative reactions.

Unlike typical vitamin E, Vitamin E8 contains all 8 naturally occurring forms of vitamin E as found in fresh, whole foods.

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