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Vitamin E in Foods


Compared to supplements, there is a surprisingly small amount of vitamin E in foods.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes a Nutrient Database with an immense amount of information.  You can search this database to find out what foods contain certain nutrients and in what amounts.  You can also search to find what nutrients are found in specific foods. The following information is from release 26 of this database which can be found here: USDA Nutrient Database 26

I have searched on vitamin E and recalculated the result in how much of the richest vitamin E containing foods would be required to obtain 400 IU of vitamin E.  I hope this will help you visualize the incredibly high dosage that 400 IU represents.

More is not always better, and this is certainly the case with vitamin E.  This site is dedicated to educate consumers in the responsible use of vitamin E supplements.

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These are the top 20 most potent non-fortified vitamin E containing foods listed by how much of each would supply 400 IU of Vitamin E:

6 ounces of Wheat Germ Oil

7 cups of almonds

15 cups of hazelnuts

16 cups of sunflower seeds

21 cups of pine nuts

21 cups of peanuts

44 cups of avacado

24 pounds of mackerel

62 pounds of sweet potat

48 pounds of asparagus

14 pounds of tomato paste

29 pounds of swordfish

45 pounds of broccoli

32 pounds of walnuts

37 pounds of sweet red peppers

8 gallons of orange juice

49 pounds of brown rice four

5o pounds blackberries

515 chichen eggs

2,061 tomatoes


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