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What is the Ultimate Antioxidant?

Ever since Dr. Denham Harman postulated the Free Radical Theory of Aging in the 1950’s, there has been an ever increasing focus on antioxidants to support both a long and youthful life. His research showed that free radicals cause damage to cells and antioxidants can block that damage. Over the years the focus on antioxidants has expanded, and is now a common household term, synonymous with health and healthy foods.

While most antioxidants are generally healthy, the process of oxidation has its purpose. In fact, the best antioxidants work by creating a safe oxidation process. This includes providing antioxidant support for normal biochemical reactions in order to provide the protection we want, while not interfering with the oxidation process that provides the protection we need. The ultimate antioxidant should do both.

You see, your body uses the process of oxidation to protect against dangerous microbes and pathogens. The immune system relies on the process of oxidation to support the body’s natural balance.

Based on this, the first criteria for the ultimate antioxidant is that it should support, not interfere, with this complicated system. Certain antioxidants, taken in high dosage, may interfere with this process.

In order to protect other vital reactions and to limit the production of damaging free radicals, preferred antioxidants actually fluctuate between oxidant and antioxidant in a complex system of checks and balances. While we have gained an immense amount of knowledge about this system, there is still much to be learned.

In the consumer health market, people often think more is always better. As such, consumers are bombarded with products offering stronger and stronger antioxidant properties in higher and higher amounts. This pushes the system of checks and balances far beyond what nature intended and what the body can react to.

The Ultimate Antioxidant is centered around natural balance. The goal is to supply the raw materials your body needs to protect and nourish, while still allowing the natural system of checks and balances to function as nature intended. The goal is to support this system, not to overpower and interfere.

So how can we possibly determine with the trillions of chemical reactions happening within our body every minute, what will protect and what will interfere?

Scientists will continue their quest to answer this question, but the solution will come slowly as bits and pieces of a very large puzzle are gradually revealed.

In the meantime, we should look at what our bodies have become accustomed to over the many years of human existence. We need to look at what dietary components have traditionally been consumed over these many years, and how they can support the checks and balances of this complex system. Then we need to look at what amounts of these dietary components could be supplied by through dietary consumption, and assure that we are consuming these compounds in approximately that quantity.

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We hope you will spend some time reviewing the VitaE8 website and the associated vitamin E blogs.

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