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Is 400 IU Vitamin E Right for You?

BlankBottle400iuIf you’re like most vitamin buyers, you are familiar with 400 IU vitamin E and might be considering a purchase right now.  If so, I urge you to spend a few minutes to reconsider. Recent research indicates this is not the best move for your current and future vitality.

The reasons you should avoid a 400 IU formula falls into three categories.  First, the IU (international unit) measurement for vitamin E is an outdated system. Second, this 70 year old measurement system will actually rob you of true nutrient value. Third, it would be extremely unlikely to actually consume 400 IU of vitamin E in natural foods.

You may be shopping for vitamin E for general heart health, protection from high cholesterol, or for overall cardiovascular health.  In addition vibrant healthy skin, anti-aging, breast, colon and prostate health are common and valid reasons to search for the best vitamin E product. However, if we continue to make choices based on outdated science and the fads of yesteryear, we will never benefit from what the science of nature has to offer.

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You would think that the IU measurements relates to human health, not true. It is a measurement of female rat fertility that was developed in 1944.  More alarming, it has not changed since then.

Yes, the IU measurement system that was developed in 1944 is still relied upon to assess the quality of your vitamin E supplement.

As surprising as this may be, the real issue revolves around those who continue to promote products with high IU labeling. This is because products with a high IU listing actually deprive the body of vitamin E. This is a strong and strange claim, so let me state it again:  “products with a high IU listing actually deprive the body of vitamin E”.

How could this be true? Vitamin E found naturally in foods consists of 8 different forms, each having unique properties.  Without all 8 the vitamin will not provide the protection nature intended.  Here is the big problem, high intake of any one of the 8 will block the availability and function of the others.  A natural balance must exist for vitamin E to function properly.

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So why are vitamin E products labeled in IU’s instead of mg’ s as most dietary supplements are?  The answer is twofold.  First it involves government regulation catching up with true science, and secondly it requires industry to push government to enact regulations.  As most of the information we are fed involves a commercial interest, a commercial interest must “fund” disseminating the information. If profits are good, why change?  For 400iu vitamin E products, the profit is good and I hope to change this. This will benefit me as a believer and provider of ‘real” nutritional products, but also benefit you in your quest for health.

This will only work if we all take action.  For me this involves continuing to invest in promoting this science.  For you it involves taking the time to research how a properly formulated vitamin E product can benefit your health, and the health of all those we hold dear.

Please take the time to browse this website to discover the truth about vitamin E and all the science that VitaE8 is based on.  Then take action and buy VitaE8 today!

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