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Dietary Gamma Tocopherols

There is a general misconception that Americans eat foods high in dietary gamma tocopherols and therefore supplementation with this form of vitamin E is not necessary and should even be avoided. A recent study demonstrated a link between high blood levels of gamma tocopherols with decreased lung function and increased respiratory illness. Don’t be alarmed, […]

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New perspectives on vitamin E: gamma-toc… [Free Radic Biol Med. 2004] – PubMed – NCBI

Early studies on vitamin E conducted between 1922 and 1950 indicated that alpha-tocopherol was specific among the tocopherols in allowing fertility of laboratory animals. The unique vitamin action of alphaT, combined with its prevalence in the human body and the similar efficiency of tocopherols as chain-breaking antioxidants, led biologists to almost completely discount the “minor” […]

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Comparison of typical vitamin E to vitamin E8

The Truth About Typical Vitamin E

Typical Vitamin E is based on scientific research that dates back some 70 years. In 1944 the International Unit (IU) for vitamin E potency was established and it remains unchanged today. Despite advancement in modern scientific technologies, most dietary supplement manufacturers fail to act on this current research. Even more surprising is this test measures […]

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Dale Fowkes

Skin Care Discovery

After 35 years in the alternative health care industry, I developed a unique antioxidant product based on vitamin E.  Actually not just any vitamin E, these are vitamin E compounds not commonly available in consumer healthcare products. After introducing and using the product myself, I spent the first two months blogging about the unique aspects […]

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