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I’m very excited to tell you about a new skin care discovery . . . 

After 35 years in the alternative health care industry, I developed a unique antioxidant product based on vitamin E.  Actually not just any vitamin E, these are vitamin E compounds not commonly available in consumer healthcare or skin care products.

After introducing and using the product myself, I spent the first two months blogging about the unique aspects of these vitamin E compounds and how this formula is unlike any other commercially available product.

Then one morning while getting ready for a busy day I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, my skin looks great!”  It looks healthy and feels smoother. Could this be an oral skin care product?

Based on my research, I know that vitamin E is crucial for skin protection, but I never realized how rapid and noticeable the effect would be.

What might really surprise you is this is a dietary supplement, not a topical skin care product.

Over the last 10 years I’ve learned that vitamin E as found in nature is a group of eight compounds each with unique benefits and each distributed to tissues in a preferential manner.  As it turns out, the skin prefers the vitamin E compounds that are not found in 99% of dietary supplements.  It is also very difficult to get enough of these vitamin E compounds even in the best diet.

This is why I noticed such a rapid change in my skin health using VitaE8.    I love this product and I know you will too.  I’m so confident in the value of this product that I will guarantee your purchase with this simple no hassle promise:  Order just one bottle of VitaE8 today.  I will cover the shipping costs and if after using this product you are not amazed with the results, just call me and ask for a refund.  That’s it . . . no hassle, no return . . .  just a call is all it takes.

As a small company I need to limit this offer to one bottle and for 90 days.  One bottle should be all it takes to start to see a difference in your skin.   Remember . . . you need to take at least one per day to guarantee results.[product id=”231″ sku=”VE8-60″]

Still not convinced? Please read some of my blogs listed in the upper right side of this page to learn more about Vitamin E8 and the unique aspects of VitaE8.  You will be glad you did.


Dale Fowkes

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